Israel & Palestine
Israel & Palestine

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Peace is a basic human right for the people of Israel and Palestine. As the regional conflict is more than 40 years old, it is imperative that world leaders act with urgency to negotiate a just and peaceful settlement.

We support and spotlight the efforts of courageous women peace activists, both Israeli and Palestinian, whose willingness to work together for peace sets an example for the region’s political leadership. The Nobel Women’s Initiative 2010 Delegation to Israel and Palestine brought together diverse groups of Israeli, Palestinian, and international women leaders. The aim was to facilitate their continued collaboration for peace, and to promote the participation of women in processes to resolve the conflict.

Through our work with international media, we try to broaden the global conversation on the region. We consider it important that media include perspectives of women in conflict, Palestinians living under occupation, and Israelis working for a renewed vision of a more just and inclusive Israel.



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