Our Work

In cooperation with civil society groups, non-governmental organizations, activists and other concerned citizens, we call on world leaders and governing bodies to sign and uphold weapons bans. We call attention to the gender dynamics of disarmament. We take an active role in international campaigns to control and eliminate landmines, cluster munitions, small arms, militarization, and nuclear weapons.

The International Campaign to Ban Landmines was a remarkable campaign that achieved success through an unorthodox approach. The Campaign bypassed traditional diplomatic channels and appealed directly to governments to take urgent action. The speed with which the treaty entered into force was unprecedented. The historic activism that led 122 states to sign the Mine Ban Treaty in 1997 has been the model for disarmament campaigns following the signing of the treaty, especially the International Humanitarian Movement to Ban Cluster Munitions and the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons.

We really are at the crossroads and [disarmament] will happen if people of goodwill all over the world raise their voices and take action to let the governments of the world know that’s what they want.

Jody Williams