Our Work

The people of Iran are demanding human rights and democracy though nonviolent opposition to the Iranian regime. Women activists are at the forefront of this struggle, leading the Green Movement, which has become the symbol of unity and hope for Iranians concerned with justice and human rights.

We spotlight the work of women human rights defenders in Iran, many of whom face harassment, imprisonment, torture, and exile. We work with Laureate Shirin Ebadi, who is the first Iranian and first Muslim woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. We support civil society efforts such as the One Million Signatures Campaign for Women’s Equality and advocate for the release of courageous women activists, such as human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, who has been held in illegal detention since September 2010.

We work to shape the wider global conversation on Iran. It is crucial to move beyond a narrow discussion of nuclear deterrence, nuclear threats and nuclear brinksmanship. The international community needs to better understand the strategic importance and great promise of Iran’s human rights and democracy movement as central to the development of a peaceful Middle East.

Mark my words – it will be women who bring democracy to Iran.

Shirin Ebadi