All-woman bloc running for election in West Bank

Photo Credit: sara marlowe

An all-female bloc formed in the West Bank city of Hebron is planning to run in the municipal election on October 20. The bloc is comprised of eleven women who previously campaigned as independent candidates.  They hope to gather enough official support to form a permanent political party.

The English translation of the bloc’s name is “By Participating, We Can.” They formed the bloc in order to offer residents of Hebron an alternative to all-male parties and to open the door for women in Hebron to fight for their rights. The bloc plans to campaign door-to-door in hopes of encouraging other women to vote in their favor.

Hebron is the largest Palestinian voting district. This will be Hebron’s first election since 1976. The city’s current mayor was introduced by the Fatah political party in attempt to stop their rival party Hamas from winning the post.


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