Honduras set to criminalize contraception

The Supreme Court of Honduras has upheld a ruling that could criminalize the use of emergency contraceptive pills for women, also known as the morning after pill. This would place Honduras as the country with the strictest contraceptive laws in the world. The Court’s decision would leave women and girls out of options if they found themselves at risk of pregnancy – whether because of failed birth control pills, unprotected sex, or rape.

Judges who viewed the use of emergency contraption pills as a method of abortion were behind the ruling. This, despite the fact that the World Health Organization, Pan-America Health Organization, and many other health agencies have clearly demonstrated that the emergency contraceptive pill works by blocking access of the egg to sperm cells so no fertilization will occur.

If criminalization of emergency contraceptives becomes illegal, it will create incredibly harmful consequences for women and girls. It will leave no alternative forms of contraception when a primary birth control method has failed. It will leave rape survivors unable to prevent pregnancies leaving them to have to live with the consequences of the crime committed against them.


Write to Honduran officials now, urging them not to place restrictions on women’s access to emergency contraceptives, Amnesty International

Sign a petition to Juan Orlando Hernández.


Honduran Supreme Court upholds most sweeping ban on emergency contraception anywhere, RH Reality Check, 14 February 2012