Women Under Siege – New web site!

A new web site being launched today aims to send a message to the world that we can make sexual violence visible and bring an end to this global epidemic of violence against women. This week the website features a story on women raped in the Guatemalan genocide. Women Under Siege is a project spearheaded by Gloria Steinem and coordinated by the Women’s Media Center. The project has been made possible by funding from activist and philanthropist Bonnie Schaefer.

Women Under Siege breaks down how rape and other forms of sexualized violence are used as tools in genocide and conflict throughout the 20th century and into the 21st. This project works from the belief that understanding what has happened from the Holocaust onward might have helped us to prevent or prepare for the mass sexual assaults of other conflicts.

The project has developed an action plan around this concept to push for a development of legal, diplomatic, and public interventions. The goal is to ensure the United Nations, international tribunals and other bodies of power understand the extent to which sexual violence is being used as a tool, and are taking adequate actions to halt the use of sexual violence.

The new web site will include analyses of how sexual violence is used in war, whether to humiliate, ethnically cleanse, retaliate, or for other motives. It also includes survivor testimonies of women from the Holocaust to those in Rwanda, Darfur, Libya, and many more countries where conflict is rampant.



Check out the new web site Women Under Siege

Lauren Wolfe from Women’s Media Center has written in her personal blog about the release of the project. Read it here!