Paradise lost: Searching for gold at the end of the Guatemalan rainbow – W5 CTV, Paula Todd

In 2010 journalist Paula Todd did a four part series on Canadian mining companies in Guatemala:

W5: Paradise Lost, part one

Canadians have long prided themselves on the country’s international reputation. But, in places like Guatemala, where Canadian mining companies have set up, that good standing may be getting tarnished.

Guatemalans living near Canadian mines have reported health and environmental problems, with no response from the companies. Activists though, are trying to portray a different side of the Canadian identity.

Development has pitted those working for mines against those who claim they’re suffering the consequences of Canadian companies digging for profit. The mining companies claim they’re being socially responsible.

Is there any way to control Canadian mining companies abroad? MP John McKay is pushing a bill aimed at improving the way the companies operate, but the government says their mechanisms and voluntary standards are enough.

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Paula Todd, W5

Sat. Apr. 17 2010

W5 Executive Producer Anton Koschany issued a caution as he sent his four-person crew into Central America to investigate questions about Canadian mining companies operating overseas….  Read more: