Defensoras: Feminists in Resistance, Honduras

Visit the Just Associates profile of the remarkable ‘Feminists in Resistance’ in Honduras. 

The coup d’état that took place in Honduras on June 28, 2009 provoked a massive popular uprising.

Women represent a majority of the demonstrators; approximately 60% of those involved in daily demonstrations are women, according to various sources involved in the protests.

Photo: Just Associates

Under the slogan “No coups and no violence against women” (¡Ni golpe de Estado, ni golpe a las mujeres!), Feminists in Resistance have maintained a permanent presence in all anti-coup proceedings and have organized their own actions by and for women, including sit-ins in front of the UN building, a march to the US Embassy, occupying the National Institute for Women building, visiting hospitals and detention centers, video recording demonstrations, sending out information bulletins in print and electronic form, documenting violations of women’s rights, and staging demonstrations to defy the curfew.

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