Burma: Rape as a Weapon

Women in northern Burma are living in fear as the Burmese military regime employs sexual violence in their offensive against the Kachin Independence Army.

Members of the Burmese Army gang-raped at least 18 women and girls between June 10 and June 18. Four of the women were killed after their rapes, while one later died from injuries sustained during the incident.

“These are not random acts of violence,” said Shirley Seng, a spokesperson for the Kachin Women’s Association Thailand. “The Burma Army is committing gang-rape and killing on a wide scale. It is clear they are acting under orders.”

Read KWAT‘s press release on the rapes in Burma here.

KWAT is calling for an end to the use of rape as a weapon of war in the Burmese conflict. The group also wants the army to end the offensive against Kachin and other ethnic groups, and withdraw from ethnic areas. They are urging China to mediate in the conflict and provide refuge and humanitarian aid to those who flee.

Nobel Women’s Initiative is supporting KWAT in their call to stop the widespread sexual violence being committed by the Burmese Army.

Find out what you can do by visiting our Take Action for the Women of Burma page.


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