United States’ Shameful Landmines Policy: Jody Williams

The Los Angeles Times today published an Opinion Editorial written by Nobel Laureate Jody Williams, 344condemning the recent decision of the United States not to sign on to the international Mine Ban Treaty. This on day three of the Cartagena Summit on a Mine-Free World being held in Colombia.

The Cartagena Summit, running from November 29th-December 4th, is the second five-year review conference of the Mine Ban Treaty, and is aimed at evaluating progress made and identifying actions required to fully realize the vision of a mine-free world.

Williams calls the continuation of the Bush-era policy on landmines “shameful.”

Read the Op Ed.


“Could it really be true that the U.S. would remain outside one of the most inclusive and comprehensive treaties put together in the last 50 years?” — Jody William

Today 156 nations have signed on to the treaty, including all NATO members except the US.

The US administration has backtracked somewhat after its original announcement, stating that the policy is still under review.

“I voted for Obama. I wanted to believe that his soaring rhetoric might actually be turned into a revival for the U.S. on issues of multilateralism, international humanitarian law and, of course, human rights. But at the moment, I’m quite disillusioned.” — Jody Williams


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Write US President, Barack Obama, urging him to sign the Mine Ban Treaty.

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